How May We Help You?

Website Design Assistance

Do you need someone to help you get a website you love, either because you don’t have time to work with the web development company you hired or you are not sure what to ask a web development company?


Or maybe you haven’t even had time to find a web development company you like and want to work with.

We can help you. It is important that your website design is a great fit for both your company, and you as the business owner.

We don’t build websites, but we do have over 30 years of experience helping business people get what they need, want and love through technical development.

Blog Setup / CustomizationSteve-Hall-MD-blog_200px72dpi

Have you heard that having a blog can help your business, but you don’t really know how or what that means? Could you be missing a golden opportunity to reach an invisible audience by not having a blog? Read how we helped with two very different blogs on the Examples page.

We do blog setup and customization for business owners and individuals.

wsc-fb-page_200px72dpiFacebook Services

Every small business owner knows they need a website. Now business owners are told that they must also have a Facebook Page. What do you put on there? What if you don’t like to write? What if there is just no time for you to post on Facebook?

We’ll quickly work together on a weekly strategy for your Facebook Page, help you identify the best resource for posting and train someone in your company if needed. We have experience working with a wide variety of business types and personalities.


We also train individuals who wish to maintain their own website, blog and Facebook content, or train one or two of your staff members for that purpose.

Web Strategy

Must you be active in all the social media and digital avenues? Have you attended a social media workshop and come out feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with what you are supposed to do to grow your business?

Given the multitude of choices in the digital world (websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), doing it all is often not practical for many small businesses.  Taking into account your particular desires and resources, we help you decide what is desirable and doable for your business.